Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

Miss Moss Corsets - Handmade corsets

Corsets are a great part of clothing for me and I own some, mostly in black. For quite some time I have been checking on some handmade corsets in a more colourful way but it is - as always - a question of money. Yes, handmade stuff isn't cheap but it is worth every penny and cent.
A couple of month ago Gemma from Miss Moss Corsets presented a great offer on a handmade corset I could not refuse and today the result came in the mail.
I am totally in love with this great piece and am really looking forward to the shoot it is made for :)
So if you would like to have a custom made corset or other accessories go check out Miss Moss and her great products!

 Opening the package - so lovely!

It suits perfectly and I am totally in love!


  1. omfuc***Geeee
    I love corsets and used to have a few, but not specially fitted for me, just storebought ones. It is really a pain in the ass, me myself, I am rather skinny, so they tend to be way to big and all.
    I so need to find someone here who fits one for me and then makes it.

    1. Oh you definitely should, it is really worth it! It's so much better than having storebought ones.